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Mike Rugnetta.jpg

MIKE RUGNETTA | Performer, Composer, Speaker

Mike is one third of the live, lecture-based performance art trio MemeFactory, has been a TED Talk presenter, and lectured at Harvard, MIT, and Yale. Mike has done presentations for ROFLCon, XOXO Fest, and VidCon. He is best known as the award winning writer and host of the popular YouTube show PBS Idea Channel.


AARON MASSEY | Builder, Host, Producer

A skilled craftsman with a passion for building stuff and making videos, Aaron ("Mr. Fix-It") creates DIY, How-To, Installation, and Home Improvement related videos that have attracted over 3.4 million views. Aaron is also a producer on the YouTube animated hit “Annoying Orange” and spent his prior life as a reality TV producer.

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ASHLEY ESQUEDA | Host, Writer, Tech Expert

As senior Editor at CNET and host and producer of Tomorrow Daily, Ashley leads discussions on the most interesting stories across future technology, gaming, and entertainment. Ashley uses her charisma and wit to charm celebrities, CEOs, and consumers on red carpets, convention floors, and the streets.


RUSSELL SAGE | Survivalist, Trainer, Host

A former Armed Forces serviceman, Russell has lived throughout the U.S., and has honed survival techniques for each climate, which he demonstrates in Wilderness Training courses. Russell competed in Discovery’s Naked and Afraid and will be appearing in the new season of Naked and Afraid XL.


MIKAELA MAYER | Professional Boxer, Olympian

World champion boxer Mikaela Mayer is a force to be reckoned with. The 2016 Boxing Elite National Champion and a member of the 2016 US Olympic Team, Mikaela is one of the top boxers in the world. She is the face of Under Armour clothing, and was featured in a national Dr. Pepper TV campaign in 2013.


ALISON TEAL | Adventure Traveler, Filmmaker

A life long adventurer and surfer, Alison travels the world filming environmental and cultural phenomena, sharing it through her blog, photo, and film series Alison’s Adventures. She is an acclaimed expert in her field, and was named the “Female Indiana Jones” by Time Magazine and the “Oprah of Adventure” by Huffington Post.


JEFF ZAUSCH | Survivalist, Adventure Traveler, Host

A master of extreme environments, Jeff thrives when he is pushing himself to the limit. He has yet to find a landscape that he could not overcome. Best known as everyone’s favorite survivalist on Discovery’s Naked and Afraid and Naked And Afraid XL, Jeff was most recently the host of Discovery’s Dual Survival.

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JOSE "MOX" ROMERO | Comedian, Author, Filmmaker

International star Jose Romero (aka “Mox”) is the creator and host of the massively watched WHATDAFAQSHOW. With over 5.4 million subscribers across his two channels, Mox is one of Latin America’s most popular YouTube personalities. Mox is poised for a huge North American breakout.

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TOM MERRITT | Tech Journalist, Host, Author

Tom is an award-winning podcaster and host of tech news shows, including Daily Tech News and Sword and Laser. Tom created, produced, and hosted the award-winning Tech News Today, and was executive editor for CNET TV at Tom is a frequent guest on all forms of media, including ABC's Good Morning America and NPR.

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CHRISTINA CRUZ | Professional Boxer

Born and raised in New York, Cruz is a former member of Team USA ranked #1 in nation and #3 in the world. Christina holds the record for most consecutive NY Golden Glove titles, and is known for an exciting style, developed over 150 fights, that always leaves viewers in awe of the Hell’s Kitchen Kid.